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Q: Can I access all video courses from my phone?

A: Yes, all programs can be accessed on phones, tablets and computers. Access your program through the icons on the home screen or select the dropdown menu and select your specific program at the bottom.

Q: How many days a week is the pregnancy program?

A: You can workout up to 5 days a week, with 3 set days each week. The program is structured with 3 strength workouts, and 2 optional cardio days. 

Q: What equipment do I need for the Pregnancy Program?

A: A set of dumbbells and an elevated surface is all that is needed (a couch or chair could work.) However, a stability ball (as used within the videos) or bench, is recommended

Q: What foods are off limits in the Nutrition Coaching Program?

A: No foods are off limits or deemed "bad". We teach a sustainable approach to eating, that goes without dieting, cutting food groups or categories. We believe in creating balance and being able to attend vacations and social gatherings, while still being able to achieve your goals. 

Q: Do all video courses offer modifications?

A: Yes, each video walks you through each move, with proper form demonstrations, as well as form cues, with any modifications.

Q: Can I workout before I get clearance from my doctor?

A: It is recommended to always talk to your doctor about your health and changes you may be expecting in the future. This could allow for workout clearance before pregnancy and in the early stages of pregnancy, among other life changing events. However, you must have doctor clearance in order to begin or continue any workout program for your health and safety.

Q: Do you provide customized programs at Corey Teresi Fitness?

A: Yes, please fill out the form under the 'personalized programs' tab so we can contact you about options we have available for you, based on your preferences.

Q: Can I use my Fit Pregnancy or Operation Fit Mom in future pregnancies/postpartum?

A: All video courses are valid for one year from date of purchase. However, for any subsequent pregnancies/postpartum, please send an e-mail to to re-validate your membership at no additional cost. 

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