Personalized Programs


Customized programs through Nutrition and fitness, where Corey will work with you one on one. 

Nutrition Coaching

A 13-week program offered every 3 months to help teach you sustainable eating habits. Work with Corey one-on-one and receive direct feedback about your food choices, while learning how to eat in any occasion from day to day life, to vacations, work trips, dining out, and more!


You will receive:

Weekly feedback based on your actual food choices


13-week educational, outlined program

Understand how to handle parties, vacations and more

Learn how to eat for your lifestyle


Direct contact with Corey for individual questions 


Online Personalized 


Personalized workout programs designed specifically for you. Workouts designed based on your equipment preferences, and specifically to your goals. Includes videos with form cues and direction, along with a full workout plan delivered to you each week. You choose the amount of days, 4 or 5 days a week, and everything is structured around you.

You will receive:

Workout program developed for your personal goals

Workouts based on your preferences (gym, home, machines, weights, #of workouts in a week)

Videos of each workout and workout move to walk you through step by step

Programs delivered right to you each week


Programed by a certified trainer with directions on proper form, and tips for efficiency and safety

Nutrition Takeover at Home

A 4-week nutrition program designed specifically for this time that you are at home, and shopping less frequently, while working with what you have. Each week we will dive into 2 new areas to help you understand how to make more informed food choices now, and how you can take these skills and use them in daily life, long after quarantine is over! Learn how to eat to live, and the results will follow.

You will receive:

4-week nutrition course with the option for 1 on 1 coaching

Meal and snack ideas to use today and in the future

Covering food basics from what to shop for to understanding macros and how to manage them throughout each day.


Pantry clean out to understand the quality of foods you already have at home


Key tips to help set you up to understand food now, and for the long-term success 

Top nutrition coaching tips proven through many clients for sustainable results and achieving goals

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