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Personalized Programs

Nutrition Coaching

Customized programs through Nutrition and fitness, where Corey will work with you one on one with full access to her online coaching portal. 

Nutrition Coaching

Teaching you sustainable eating habits functional for you and your life. Work with Corey one-on-one and receive direct feedback about your food choices, while learning how to eat in any occasion from day to day life, to vacations, work trips, dining out, and more! Finally find the way to reaching and maintaining your goals while still being able to live your life! 

You will receive:

Weekly feedback based on your actual food choices


Learn how to build habits through continual education of the how/why behind food choices

Understand how to handle parties, vacations and more

Learn how to eat for your lifestyle


Direct contact with Corey 24/6 for individual questions and continued support 

Online Workouts

Online Personal 

Personalized workout programs designed specifically for you. Workouts designed based on your equipment preferences, and specifically to your goals. Includes videos with form cues and direction, along with a full workout plan delivered to you each week. You choose the amount of days, starting at 2 days a week, and everything is structured around you.

You will receive:

Workout program developed for you and your personal goals

Workouts based on your preferences (gym, home, machines, weights, #of workouts in a week)

Videos and descriptions of each workout and workout move to walk you through step by step

Programs delivered right to you each week


Programed by a certified trainer with directions on proper form, and tips for efficiency and safety

Weekly check-ins with form check-ins, and continual support 

Interested in Nutrition Coaching & Personal Training? Apply for full coaching and save $$$ 

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