Corey Teresi Fitness was created to help others develop a healthy lifestyle through establishing sustainable eating habits and attainable workouts. 


Certified Personal Trainer
Prenatal/Postnatal Specialist
Nutrition Coach
Weight loss Specialist 

I am a NASM certified personal trainer and hold specialty certifications in Fitness Nutrition, Prenatal/Postnatal and Weight Loss. I have worked with clients one-on-one, in group settings, and virtually in both fitness and nutrition. I am also a mom of 2. Throughout two pregnancies, I was able to maintain working out and building a healthy foundation for labor and postpartum recovery. I am driven to help teach a safe and healthy lifestyle through sustainable habits, to all.


Workout anywhere, anytime

At Corey Teresi Fitness, we believe in order to develop a sustainable lifestyle, in health and fitness, we need to meet your needs where you are in life now. Whether you are at home, or on the go, we provide accessibility to achieve your goals anywhere. 

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