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Client Testimonials

"I met Corey professionally a couple years ago. After understanding what I was looking for we set goals for me, come to find out I think Corey was more vested into my goals than I was at first. She taught me how to exercise properly, then makes it fun while pushing beyond what you thought you could do. I think the most life changing thing came when she started teaching proper nutrition and meal prep. I now understand how bad fad diets and poor food choices are for you. Corey also shared with me that cheat days are ok (they still are my favorite days). I am amazed how eating clean will change your life. I am now down over 60lbs, with Corey’s help. I am most proud that I did it the right way.  The best thing that has come from this is I met a new friend and someone who truly cares." - Mike N.

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"Husband said he is seeing more of a change in the short time I've been working with you than the 15+ months with previous trainer"- Rhonda

I began working with Corey in the Spring of 2018 with the hope to lose weight before my upcoming wedding. What I gained from Corey was so much more than weight loss. After just one month of nutrition training, I had a completely different view on food and “dieting” and a newfound respect for whole foods. Corey taught me several main principals of nutrition that I still incorporate into my routine on a daily basis. Her realistic goals and system of accountability truly lay the foundation for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I have maintained an 18 lbs weight loss for over a year now. I gained muscle definition, strength, endurance, and energy, and I can honestly say that I am the healthiest I have ever been, and I’m never going back. It all started with Corey! She is an excellent coach - the perfect combination of toughness and patience, and I recommend her with high regard. - Alyssa Z.

"When I think of Corey, I think of CORE. Not only does she burn my abs, but she keeps me grounded. From realistic food swaps to multifunctional moves, any advice I get from Corey I write it down. Since knowing her, I have lost 50 pounds and gained more confidence than ever before!"- Amanda K.

"Corey is an amazing coach to have on your side! She is so positive, uplifting and definitely keeps you on track. She is so knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition, but also feels passionate to make sure you have accurate information and know how to do exercises correctly and safely! In the time that I have known and spent time with her she has been my #1 cheerleader to stay healthy! I know when I have any kind of questions with nutrition or fitness that she will always be there to lead me. She is also very realistic, tough, smart and patient all at the same time. Anybody would be lucky to have her in their corner on a journey to be healthy or get into shape!" - Monet R.

"Corey has been a great supporter and teacher in my health and fitness journey. As I have been learning how to eat right, Corey has been right in my corner answering all of my questions and explaining eating in a way that makes sense and is doable. Corey has also been a huge help when recovering from a major abdominal surgery. She created great workouts that eased my body into movement and strength again. Her videos were super easy to follow and understand." - Victoria H.

"Corey has taught me a low pressure approach to learning how to eat what I want and be healthier, all while reaching my goals." - Vanessa M

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