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Corey Teresi Fitness

Lifestyle changes, one goal at a time.

1:1 Fitness & Nutrition

Learn how to eat sustainably, receive weekly feedback, with continual access to Corey, and how to NOT diet ever again. Work in a one-on-one setting for a personalized approached fit to your lifestyle. Learn how to transform your life for the long haul with continual support, 100+ pages of resources and life changing results.

Workout Virtually with 1:1 accountability. Have a customized workout plan built for you, your goals, your schedule, and your preferences. Receive weekly form checks, and check-ins with continual support to reach your goals. Whether your

goal is to feel great in your skin, run a marathon, lift heavier, or anywhere between, 1:1 training is made for you!


Training Programs



Ready to get into the best shape of your life? With 3 workout programs: Everyday, Strength and Boxing, there is a program for YOU! Train in the gym, at home with a set of dumbbells, with a bag & gloves or your own bodyweight. There is a program to meet you where you're at, with proven results to help you reach your goals of becoming healthy and fit.


Start wherever you're at in your pregnancy journey. 40 weeks full of workouts including 3 strength days, and 2 optional cardio days. Strong focus on core and pelvic floor health. 40+ videos to follow along, and understand proper form. Bonus nutrition guide.

Ready to become MOM STRONG? Rebuild your core, pelvic floor and total body strength for optimal function, new definition and life-long habits that will transition your fitness journey for life. From 6 weeks to 6 months postpartum, Operation Fit Mom has you covered. 

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